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Around the World!

Regardless of what people say, building products for outdoor environments is a very challenging problem. Making the product resistant to extreme weather conditions while solving the navigational problems was turning out to be a nightmare. The slightest cloud cover or a building obstruction would cause the entire navigation system to fail and you are left with a blind robot. This gave us the insight thatContinue reading “Around the World!”

The Fuse Plantation

Our first product, Copernicus is an important part of our identity as a company. It laid the foundation for our product engineering processes as well as evolved our brand identity from the logo to our choice of colors. Back when we started building the product for the first time, we decided to name it CopernicusContinue reading “The Fuse Plantation”

Unscripted Underdogs

Working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown period, we pondered over the idea of announcing our story to the world. In our make-do home offices, we finally thought of putting our crazy engineering ideas and their business implications into honest words. So welcome to the Botsync world! We, the four founders of Botsync, started outContinue reading “Unscripted Underdogs”

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